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Ripple Effect in the Middle East

Nick DeCola December 18, 2015

Kaseem* had been a Christian for all of 30 minutes. Yet here he sat presenting the gospel to two of his friends, Nasir and Arash, inviting them to join him in placing their faith in Christ.

This happened in a Middle Eastern country with hard-to-reach university students and no recognizable Christian presence on campus. Not the environment you would expect God would build a movement of believers – in just a few hours.

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Three Generations in One Day

Rami, a Cru staff member, had prayed and worked hard at starting a movement of believers on a large university in his country. There had been little headway.

One day, Rami met Kaseem, a university student. Using the Four Spiritual laws, a booklet explaining the gospel, Rami invited Kaseem to place his faith in Christ.  Kaseem immediately responded by praying and receiving Christ. Within minutes Kaseem called 2 of his friends, Nasir and Asif, and asked them if they would like to meet with him.

They agreed and a few minutes later, with Rami watching, Kaseem explained the gospel, using the Four Laws, to his friends. Nasir responded by praying and receiving Christ. Asif also indicated that he wanted to receive Christ but preferred to do it alone at a later time.

Now Kaseem, just like Rami had done with him, asked Nasir if there was anyone he would want to communicate the gospel to. He responded by setting up a meeting later in the day to talk with Ishaq about Christ. They met and Ishaq, too, placed his trust in Christ.

Rami continues to meet with Kaseem on a consistent basis. He hopes to train Kaseem so that he can lead and spearhead a movement of believers on his campus. “This was very encouraging,” says Rami. “More than before I believe God can use me to lead people to Christ.”

Who are the people in your lives that you could share with today?

*All the names in this story have been changed

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