So How is This Going to Work?


By now you have a strategy and vision for your specific ministry goals, but need help bringing them to life—especially with your media needs. The Creative One Media team is thrilled to help, but it’s good to go over a few things first. After all, communication is the key to any successful relationship (or so they say!) So here is some info to get us all on the same page.


Creative One Media’s workflow functions very similarly to any creative agency you might run across. Initially, we meet with you to consult about the project you’re requesting. We need to make sure all the details related to the project are well defined & scheduled so our creatives feel confident about the direction they take as they create. Once they’re neck deep in the work, you’ll hear from them on and off to give valuable feedback that is imperative to the success of the project! Once the work meets all necessary criteria, it is considered “done” and will be delivered along with an evaluation that will help us improve our services! (Then, we cue the confetti cannons.)

Another important aspect of Creative One Media is our agile project management system and three-week cycle system.


Agile Project Management

We use a well-known project management methodology called Agile. This framework allows us to be flexible and strategically focused on the work. The major tenets of this framework include:

  • Transparency: We make things visible to you and communicate as openly as we possibly can.
  • Inspection: We give space for inspection of work so that it can continually improve.
  • Adaptation: We encourage growth so that future work is the best it can possibly be.

What does this look like practically?

We work in three-week cycles. At the beginning of a cycle, we assign work that has been defined and focus on that work for three weeks. This allows us to deliver work quickly and efficiently, and protects the capacity of our team members. Midway through a cycle, we take time to define work that will be selected for the next cycle.

Some projects finish easily within a single cycle but many times work takes longer than three weeks to complete. When that’s the case, we break large projects into bite-sized chunks that fit neatly into our cycles. This means your project could take anywhere from 1 cycle (three weeks) to 10 cycles (thirty weeks) and beyond!



We are excited to work with you! We commit to providing you with excellent work that is completed in a timely manner. We also commit to having open and consistent communication with you, mainly through your C1M project manager. They will work to understand your needs and speak on your behalf to our team. You can communicate directly with the Creative assigned to your project, but please always CC your project manager on any email communication. They will advocate for you if problems arise or more clarity is needed.


For us to best help you, we ask that you commit to the following:

  • Give us the most clarity and definition of your needs as possible. This may mean working with your team to determine the main problem you need help solving as well as the scope and known details of your project before asking for work to be done.
  • Respond in a timely manner to C1M questions and requests for feedback. Slow response times often extend projects into future cycles and delay delivery.
  • Provide us the content we need in a format best suited for the project. Your C1M project manager can help determine what they will be when the time comes.

We’re excited to work in partnership with you! And that’s what this is— a partnership between your ministry and ours, bringing together our collective skills and knowledge to create something new, beautiful and useful.

We look forward to working together, and working together well!