Before Our First Call

The boy scouts may have something with their whole “be prepared” mantra. After all, there’s nothing better than an efficient and productive meeting, am I right? (Other than those girl scout cookies… those are definitely better.)

Here’s a checklist to help you get your ducks in a row before meet:

  • Understand your budget
  • Decide who will be the official approver, collaborators, and consultants on the project
  • Consider these questions (we might will probably discuss them on our call):
    • What problem are you trying to solve?
    • What led up to this project?
    • What outcome would make this project a success?
    • What unknowns do you still need to investigate?
  • Optional: Read this article. It’s about how long the creative process takes. Hey, happiness is often determined by realistic expectations. Let’s get happy!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a production team member if you have any questions leading up to our first meeting. We are here to serve!

– Production team

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