Creative One Media is the in-house design team for the campus ministry of Cru. Our mission is to use imagination, creativity, and beauty to proclaim the truth about Christ to the world.

Our Values

Our values are the bedrock principles guiding our mindset, choices, and interactions


It’s been said that when you’re cutting down a forest, you’re not wasting time when you sharpen your ax. We’re not chopping wood, but media-making tools are complex and constantly evolving. To be great at your job, your routine should include time to develop and hone your skills—then you can get your ax back to work.​


Ministries that ‘burn’ people for the sake of the mission have forgotten this: People are the mission. Our interactions with each other, our audience, and our stakeholders should please Jesus. While He never explicitly said “don’t be a jerk”, we suspect it’s there in the original Greek.


Sometimes we’re asked for the expected and typical, but let’s not be satisfied with that! Try new things, take risks, pursue new ideas and play while you work. You don’t have to ask permission to innovate. Keep pushing each other! (That’s just a metaphor btw—no literal shoving.)


Doing this job without walking with Jesus? You’re doing it wrong. While you’re making things that ask people to tap into the source of life, creativity and joy, you should be tapping into the source of life, creativity and joy. Let’s all avoid any sad spiritual irony.


Bad news: Christians have a reputation for shoddy work. Worse news: The reputation is largely deserved. Unacceptable. Not here. We’re asking for your best work so Jesus is glorified and we’re proud to have our name on it.

Like our vibe?

We are a distributed team that works in two working groups—each split by skillset for that sweet spot team size. We have team members located across the US with offices in Austin, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Philadelphia, PA and Orlando, FL as well as some remote locations.

We are looking for creatives to join us in our mission. If you’re looking for a team that proclaims the gospel AND values your creative gifts, giving space for both to grow and flourish, drop us a line. Let’s have a conversation.