Finishing A Project

When is a project “done?”

Eventually we all need to celebrate a job well done and get on with our lives, right? No one likes a lingering project. Not you, not us. No one. It’s totally ok to acknowledge that.

Now you may be thinking, Why is it important to know when a project is “done?” I get it. It’s a bit of an unconventional topic for an article. But hear me out. Think of the scope of projects we work on in any given calendar year as a puzzle. Creative One Media serves every department in the campus ministry of Cru. Each project we work on is a specific puzzle piece designed to fit in its place. If any one puzzle piece expands beyond its original design, it throws off the entire puzzle. Each other piece now needs to be adjusted in order to complete the picture. That would be a mess! So for the greater good of the campus ministry, we need to focus more on getting things done so we can move on to the next exciting project!

So let’s outline the things we can do to get to the finish line on time (or dare I say) faster:

  • Prioritize quick communication. This goes for both parties in a project (you: the stakeholder and us: the creative(s).
  • Learn how to give helpful feedback when presented with a design proof or video rough cut.
  • Stick to intermediate deadlines.
  • Keep the number of those who give input to a minimum

So this leads us to the word “done.” What needs to happen in order to tie a bow around our back and forth email correspondence and get to using your newly created video or design(s)? 

  • You are satisfied with the work, meaning, there is now a clear solution to the problem you were trying to solve when you first came to our team.
  • You have access to all the assets you asked for.
  • The person assigned as the approver of the project has clearly communicated their satisfaction with the result(s) from our team
  • You have filled out this quick evaluation form, which will help us improve our services for the next person we collaborate with.

Sometimes you think a project is done, check all the boxes, and we move on, but you later realize it needs tweaks. We are more than happy to keep helping you! However, you’ll need to contact a production team member and it will get assigned ASAP (which may not be immediately).

And that’s pretty much it!

Now, let’s get things done.