Podcast Series: Mission Shift

Ep0: Why Mission Shift?

The world has changed drastically in the last few decades. The success of the missions endeavor has turned past missionary fields into powerful missionary forces. Doors that are closing to Westerners are opening to those from the Majority World. In some places, globalization is yielding to nationalism. There is growing concern in the West about possible negative impacts of our going on those we go to. The pandemic has drastically altered travel and virtual engagement. In the face of these–and more–changes, how does the American church fit into global missions? What is our best contribution now? And what is the role of those in congregations across the US?

Our journey will span eight episodes, and then we will begin releasing longer versions of our interviews with the guests we hear from throughout the eight episodes.

This episode is a brief introduction to who we are and why we are embarking on this podcast. Meet our hosts and guests,  and sign up to be notified of future episodes at Cru.org/MissionShift

Mission Shift is hosted by Carita Chen and Josh Irby.

Mission Shift is a production of Cru’s City Global team. We would love to journey with you as you explore and engage in the changing face of global missions. Reach us at MissionShift@Cru.org.