Podcast Series: Mission Shift

Ep8: Shifting Missions into the New Era

Today we hear from Paul Borthwick (USA), Lazarus Phiri (Zambia), Derek Seipp (USA), Steve Addison (Australia), Adegbite Olanihum (Nigeria), Marek Wyrzykowski (Poland), Greg Huguley (USA), Ron & Star Nelson (USA), and Cas Monaco (USA). In this episode, we look back on where we’ve traveled so far, reflect on what we’ve learned, and discuss what some possible next steps might be.

This is our last episode for now. If you started listening part way through the season, we strongly encourage you to start with Episode 1 and catch up to where you started. Over the coming weeks and months we will release fuller versions of the interviews we drew on for this season, as well as the occasional special episode, right here on the podcast channel.

If this podcast has been helpful for you, we would appreciate you sharing it with your pastor, missions pastor or team, missionaries you are connected with, and other followers of Jesus interested in what He is doing around the world. 

Bios and links for our hosts and guests can be found at Cru.org/MissionShift.

Mission Shift is hosted by Carita Chen and Josh Irby.

Mission Shift is a production of Cru’s City Global team. We would love to journey with you as you explore and engage in the changing face of global missions. Reach us at MissionShift@Cru.org