Podcast Series: Mission Shift

Ep7, Part 1: New Era, New Approach

Today we hear from Greg Huguley (USA), Adrian de Visser (Sri Lanka), Jeff Reams (USA), Matt* (USA), and Elaine Shannon (USA). This is the first of a two-part episode in which we explore a new approach for engaging in global missions in this new era. Today’s episode focuses on opportunities for everyday followers of Jesus to make global contributions; next week’s episode focuses on how full-time missionaries are engaging with a new approach.

Bios and links for our hosts and guests can be found at Cru.org/MissionShift.

Our journey exploring the changing face of global missions will span eight episodes, and then we will begin releasing longer versions of our interviews with the guests we hear from throughout the eight episodes.

Mission Shift is hosted by Carita Chen and Josh Irby.

* We are using a pseudonym and disguised his voice to protect his identity due to the sensitive nature of the work he is doing in some locations. 

Mission Shift is a production of Cru’s City Global team. We would love to journey with you as you explore and engage in the changing face of global missions. Reach us at MissionShift@Cru.org