Step 6.5: Planning, Part 2

Student Linc


Giving focus to the right elements like prayer and evangelism is critical. Coming up with effective strategies for accomplishing these ministry tasks is also essential. But planning isn’t over yet. In campus ministry the ‘when' is nearly as important as the ‘what.' Not all times of the school year are equal for doing evangelism or discipleship or training.

To be effective your plan must be fit into the context of the realities of the campus schedule. Having a huge social event on Thanksgiving, when no students are around, would not be a wise idea.

Some scheduling realities will be specific to your campus, most however will not. Those who have been in campus ministry for many years have discovered that there are natural cycles of ministry that remain remarkably consistent from campus to campus. Awareness of these cycles will enable you to make the wisest decisions about when to focus on different aspects of the ministry.

Having a major campus outreach or promoting Summer Projects are both good ideas, but in your planning it is here that you want to consider when would be the best time to do either. You want to surf these natural cycles and work with the current not against it.

The following two articles will give you what you need to most strategically plan when to do what. (Download the PDF above.)

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