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How to Plan and Lead Effective Prayer Meetings

The key to effective prayer meetings is intentional preparation. This guide will show you how to prepare for a spiritually rich time in community prayer.

10 Ideas for Your Prayer Meeting

Try using these ideas to jump-start your prayer meeting.

How to Host a Prayer Meeting

Hosting a prayer meeting may be easier than you think.

The Community

The Community, formerly Cru.Comm, is a small group Bible study curriculum designed with a logical progression, that in the course of 3-4 years, could take a new Christian, ground them in the basics of the faith and grow them into a Christ-centered laborer.

How to Choose a Group Bible Study: What You Need to Know

Are you leading a small group but aren’t sure how to pick a Bible study that will work well? Are you intimidated by how many choices there are for Bible studies? This article walks you through some of the important things you should think about.

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