Step 1: Funding First

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It’s hard to envision building a movement with a bank account of zero. Not that it can’t be done, but why would you even attempt it. Materials cost money, retreats cost money, socials cost money—heck, it costs gas just to drive to campus.

Before the start of the school year is a good time to attend to raising money for the ministry. It’s the one activity that can be taken out of the hectic flow of events in that first semester.

Whether a staff member or a volunteer, Cru allows you to raise money for your campus. And the most effective thing you can do is to put together an overview of your ministry as well as your financial need for the up-coming year. What you’ll find attached is an example of such an overview. (Download the PDF above.)

This is what you would use to mail to or to meet with a Christian who may have a heart to contribute to what God is doing on campus. Of course, if you’ve been ministering on that campus for awhile the most likely candidates will be alumni. If you don’t know any alumni then the most logical place to go would be local churches in the area. Pray about it. God will give you some good ideas on who to approach. But take the time to create an overview of the ministry that you can use to share with those to whom God leads you.

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