Belief and Skepticism Converge at Global Event

Elizabeth Bahe

"The apostle Paul said it was his desire to preach the gospel in places where others had not gone," says André Kole.

So when the world-renowned illusionist and 40-year Cru staff member heard about a 4-day skeptics conference, he registered to attend. The global event drew 500 atheists, agnostics and humanists.

"As I interacted with various people," says André, "never once did I encounter any hostility."

André was introduced to Paul Kurtz, conference organizer and a man named in 2000 as one of the 5 most influential skeptics of the past century.

"He didn't seem too pleased that I was there," says André.

During 3 more encounters André tried unsuccessfully to persuade Kurtz to meet for a few minutes. After checking out of his hotel at the end of the conference, André approached him one last time. This time he agreed, and for half an hour they discussed their beliefs.

"He listened very intently," André explains, "as I told him how I came to believe in God and Jesus Christ after my investigation of the miracles of Christ from a skeptic's point of view."

Afterward, Kurtz invited André to perform and speak at the next skeptics congress.

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