Faculty Commons

Every student will have the opportunity to know professors who follow Christ and that each campus will have faculty who point students and colleagues to Jesus.

Year Founded: 1980

Ministry Presence: 100 full-time staff members, and more than 9,000 professors on over 1,100 universities

Professor Living for Christ in the Bay Area

Professor Burford "Buff" Furman says that the most significant thing in his life is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Strength in Surrender

Faculty Commons staff member, Cas Monaco, learns that weaknesses do not always bring limitations.


How to contact Faculty Commons including their mailing address, phone number, e-mail address and hyperlinks for mission trips for college professors

Spiritual Debate Raises Questions for Atheists

Atheists and Christians at Purdue University in Indiana co-sponsor debate on God's existence.

The Questions Economics Can't Answer

Professor Walter Lane of Faculty Commons, the ministry of Cru that reaches out to academia speaks to students in Mexico.

Filling the God-shaped hole in professors

Professors have an enormous influence on our culture at large, not to mention the students who sit in their classrooms. They control the cultural conversation on campus and are actively pushing the Christian point of view off campus.

How a drug addict found freedom

During a mission trip to Costa Rica, a Cru staff member and a group of students explain to a drug addict how he can be set free in Christ.

An Iowa Biology Professor’s Influence in Jamaica

A biology professor from Iowa learns to use his profession to tell others about Christ.

Professors Profess Jesus

After working 20 years in information technology, Josie Cheng felt God redirecting her toward the academic world.

A Leader’s Foolish Mistake

Unexpected spiritual lessons from the Civil War.

Learning leadership principles at Gettysburg

Jay Lorenzen has used his experience from teaching at the Air Force Academy and blended it with his passion for history and leadership development to help leaders create an environment in which men and women are well led.

Persevering at UPenn

Michael Atchison proclaims Christ at his Ivy League university.

Nigerian Professor Offers Students More than Knowledge

Influencing students and fellow instructors is serious business at Middle Tennessee State University for dedicated professor.

Putting Faith First

University of Georgia Law Professor Randy Beck leads on-campus Bible study for students.

Retired Professor Launches New Ministry on Campus

Professor Kathryn Proctor-Duax is used by God to help start a Christian Faculty ministry at a university in San Antonio, Texas.

Science and Faith

Molly Kinsey, a student at Purdue University attends a Christian Symposium and realizes God is real and loves her.

Skeptical Grad Student Gives Faith Another Chance

Engineering student in Michigan changes mind about God after reading Bible for himself.

Grad Student Reaches Out to Campus and Beyond

Pennsylvania native begins grad student network on his Texas campus and changes lives around the world.

What I Can’t Say In The Classroom

Faculty Commons sponsored an event featuring 3 Christian scientists telling about their journey of faith and answering students questions.

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