Three women celebrate their friendship and faith. From left to right, Julie, Mandy, Nan. Photo courtesy Nan McCullough.
Christian Embassy, D.C.

When Julie started living for Jesus

Anne Marie Winz

On any typical Tuesday night of the month in Northern Virginia, it’s game night at Christian Embassy staff member Nan McCullough’s house. Three women from three different generations with three separate faith journeys meet to celebrate their friendship centered around their love for each other and their common faith.

Julie Tate first met Nan 20 years ago when Julie arrived in Washington, D.C. as the spouse of a newly elected congressman from Seattle, and she joined a Bible study led by Nan for congressional spouses. Julie’s life changed when Nan asked the group what they were really living for. “Her question set me in a new place. If Jesus is really what I’m living for, things have to look differently in my life.” Nan continued to mentor Julie and the two women and their families became good friends through the years.

Three years ago, Mandy moved to northern Virginia and met Julie Tate, who invited Mandy to a Bible study. Mandy, hoping she could make some new friends, said yes. One night during the study, Mandy prayed and received Christ after Julie explained the gospel to the group. Afterward, Julie invited Mandy, who was working in sales, to meet for further discussions.

When Mandy lost her job, Julie introduced her to Nan who hired Mandy to help with extra paperwork after Nan’s husband had passed away. Mandy learned from listening to Nan’s experiences, and Nan appreciated Mandy’s companionship and help.

Four weeks later, when leaders from the Christian Embassy needed a new office assistant, they hired Mandy.

Today, the three women, spanning three generations, count each other as close friends because of their faith. And the mentoring continues. Nan, through a ministry called Entertaining for Eternity, is helping Mandy plan an evangelistic tea party in Mandy’s new home.

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