Raising Up Kingdom Leaders

Carrie Runn

Ranvir and Kaur* share their story with confidence, equally voicing why they have given their life to telling others about Jesus.

With their young son quietly playing in the background, the conversation begins with introductions but soon shifts toward God’s calling and ministry. Kaur is animated when she speaks while Ranvir is more deliberate and determined with his words.

Both possess a strategic bent toward ministry that drives them to continually ask, What’s next? to themselves and those they disciple.

Ranvir and Kaur work with LeaderImpact – a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ – in Bangalore, India. As they focus their efforts on professionals, they hope to make as many disciples as possible in the corporate sector. This kind of intentionality has yielded a city-wide harvest for the kingdom. But Ranvir and Kaur haven’t always been in full-time ministry.

The couple was busy in their corporate careers when God began to stir their hearts.

“The passion was within us … to serve the Lord, but the idea of taking the gospel to the workplace was a new concept,” Ranvir said.

He was working as the general manager at an IT company while she was in real estate services when they began to ask themselves, “How do we go forward?” A friend referred them to the ministry of Campus Crusade.

“I was quite skeptical about it. The aspect of raising our own support was very intimidating,” Kaur said.

As she prayed about their decision, God gave her a sign to confirm His desires for their future. A woman who was a secret follower of Christ approached her for prayer. Though she saw this woman only once, Kaur believes this was God’s way of encouraging her to take the next step and join with Campus Crusade.

As natives of the city, Ranvir and Kaur seem uniquely suited to reach professionals in Bangalore.

“We have been born and raised right here in Bangalore. We know the geography and the way the city has grown,” Ranvir said.

Their comfortability with their surroundings allows them to focus on what’s most important: raising up kingdom leaders.

“We want to see people in every domain who are for Christ,” Ranvir said.

Ranvir is always asking himself and those he disciples, what is the next step? He recently approached a man who attended one of their leadership events and challenged him to disciple others.

“I challenged him to get involved in the discipleship process and be part of the core team that designs events and programs to help people be kingdom leaders,” he said. “He joined and pulled in one more person. They both came for the core team. Now he’s decided to start a group at his office.”

Kaur similarly exhorts women in their movement.    

“One of the ladies involved [in our ministry] is passionate about fitness,” she said. “She runs with a big group. She organized a Christmas party at the jogger’s park, and 60 people came. They sang carols. Then Ranvir shared the gospel with them, and 45 people said they prayed to receive Christ.”

As the conversation draws to a close, what stands out is that everything Ranvir and Kaur do is purposeful and maximizes their impact for the Lord. Their intentionality is what initially prompted them to leave their jobs so that they might influence more professionals than they could in one workplace.

Their heart is to help fulfill the Great Commission by deliberately asking what’s next for themselves and those they disciple.

What’s next for you? How can you be intentional to take the gospel where God has placed you?

*Names changed for security reasons.

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