Young Isaac's Message

After hearing a Keynote band, a high school student begins introducing friends to Jesus.

Amber Kinneer
Photo Courtesy of Bethany Ferdinand

Attending a concert featuring the band Young Isaac, 16-year-old Zhanna Zoretic connected with a story. The band is one of several with Keynote, Cru’s music ministry, which travels during the summer with student musicians who have a passion to communicate the gospel from the stage.

Zhanna attended church with her family, but, until the concert, her teenage life remained untouched by God. When band member Ashleyne Seitz explained her story about a strained friendship and how God gave her strength to truly love her friend, Zhanna related. “For the first time I actually understood God wanted to have a relationship with me,” she says.

Adopted from Russia at age 4, Zhanna doesn’t remember the transition, but it was difficult for her brother, causing tension in their relationship. Ashleyne’s story was about forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. She described how to begin a relationship with Christ, and Zhanna gave her life to Him.

Zhanna began attending a Bible study hosted by Student Venture, Cru’s high-school ministry, and meeting weekly with staff member Bethany Ferdinand. “Once I understood where I was with Christ, I was able to help other people understand,” Zhanna says. She has since introduced two of her friends to Christ.

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