Country Music Grows on Unsuspecting Musician

Becky Thomton

Rob Griepentraug never liked country music, but now he plays fiddle in a country band.

After college, Rob settled into a comfortable job teaching music, but decided to apply for a summer mission project with Keynote, Cru's music ministry.

On his application, Rob ranked the styles of music he would like to play. At the bottom: country and rap.

But when asked to join the country band Laredo, Rob agreed. All summer, he toured with 9 others, performing concerts and presenting the gospel.

"God really impressed me with the marriage of music and ministry," says Rob.

When Laredo announced plans to tour year-round, Rob stayed with them as a 1-year intern.

More than 100 people accepted Christ as a result of Laredo's concerts at places like the Daytona 500, and many Christians decided to live passionately for God. Now, Rob is joining the staff of Cru so that he can continue reaching people for Christ.

"And I'll have to admit," says Rob, "country music is slowly starting to grow on me."

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