Music Makes Difference in Life of Singaporean Singer

Jessica Cline

Like most teenagers, Thai students feel insecure about relationships. Audio X Change, a Cru band comprised of Singaporeans, uses their songs' lyrics to address those insecurities and ultimately draw people to Christ.

The group is part of ForeRunner, Cru's music ministry in Singapore.

"Music reaches to the emotions of a person," says Dorothea (Dotz) Xu, a singer in the 13-member pop group of university students and recent graduates. "If they feel good about the music, they will think about the lyrics."

When the audience listened to the words at an Audio X Change concert, they also heard the gospel. During the band's 2-week trip, they explained the gospel to 3,990 Thai students; with 121 indicating decisions to trust Christ.

Dotz, too, was thinking about lyrics. The whole trip long, she says, people sang "Here I Am," a song of surrendered commitment based on Isaiah 6:8.

Dotz had only planned to sing with Audio X Change for the short-term mission trip. But she gives credit to "Here I Am" for her decision to spend 1 year with ForeRunner. The music made a difference.

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