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From Shaky Ground to Solid Foundation

Less than a decade ago, my marriage was on shaky ground. Although Keith and I were both Christians, we didn’t know God’s plan for our family.

Changed Life Wins Back Husband

Wife perseveres in difficult marriage to see the light on the other side.

My Story: On the Mountaintop or in the Valley

Not too long after Mike and I married, he was invited to join a church league softball team. He really enjoyed playing softball, and was free on Monday nights (when the team played), so he assumed that the answer was a no-brainer. Of course he would play!

Mastering Your Money in Marriage

A Bible study to learn to communicate with your spouse in practical ways to problem-solve financial issues.

Marriage Makeover

How Bill and Lisa Jarrell's renewed marriage commitment influences the next generation.

Man Seeking to Save Marriage Finds Salvation

Description: Idaho man discovers more than the secret to marital bliss at a marriage and family conference.

Legacy of a Love Letter

Today might be the perfect day to put to pen your love for your spouse.

The Good Fight

After a Weekend to Remember conference, Scott and Suzette Garmon have chosen to fight for each other, rather than give up their marriage.

40 Lessons We Sought to Teach Our Children

Dennis and Barbara Rainey give ideas about how to focus on biblical priorities to help your kids grow in faith and godly character.

Divorce Papers Burned

Jason and Allison remarry each other 2 weeks after a Weekend to Remember marriage conference.

A New Breed of Man

Are you winning at work but losing with your family?

How To Give Your Marriage A Weekend To Remember

FamilyLife hosts over 150 conferences annually to help couples build stronger, healthier relationships.

Giving Hope to Others

Kim and I know firsthand the difference between a terrible marriage and a healthy marriage, and we have a passion to help other couples.

Give Your Spouse the Best Gift 

Why prayer is the best gift you can give on Valentine’s Day.

An Empty Trunk Sparks New Beginning

On the brink of divorce, a Canadian couple turn to a marriage conference and find unexpected change.

Being Happy Together When the Nest is Empty

Adjusting to different marriage dynamics after the kids leave home can be challenging.

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