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Spiritual Conversations on Social Media

A simple conversational way to use social media to talk to your friends about faith.

Online Evangelism Through Facebook, Blogs and Other Social Media

Telling others about God can be as easy as linking to a website from your Facebook profile, your blog or your personal website.

New Year's Conversations

The new year is a great time to reflect on where you are and where you’d like to be. This simple social media challenge will help you look for opportunities to start deeper conversations with your friends.

Work and Rest - Ready to Use Content

A 31-day content schedule exploring what it means to be faithful to God in our work and in our rest.


Use this 31-day content to explore what discipleship looks like for believers from being disciple to learning to do discipleship.


God calls each of us to be a part of His mission. What is your vision to impact the kingdom? Will you go?


Many struggle to keep the New Year’s self improvement resolutions. Instead of feeling defeated by our desire to look better or perform better, join us this month in a discussion of identity and how God truly sees us. #WhoAmI

Where is God Sending You?

Use this 7-day campaign to explore listening to God’s call on your life.

Cru US Ministries

Use this 30-day content to share your social media audience all that Cru has within the United States from JESUS Film to Nations Ministry.

Taking the Pledge

We are embarking on a great adventure as we seek to be more like Jesus. We want to Go, Do, Say and Give what God wants of us and we’re inviting you to pledge the same. Will you join us on this adventure? #ThePledge


Use this 7-day content to explore what being a selfless leader truly looks means.

Reaching Your World Series

Use this 10-day content to explore what it looks like to be filled with the spirit and being a multiplying disciple.


A 12-day schedule exploring what it means to be faithful to God through our partnering with others.

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