Outreach Strategies

Online Evangelism Through Facebook, Blogs and Other Social Media

Use your online presence to direct others to Christ.

Sarah Martin

Over 1 billion people worldwide use the Internet as a source of information and entertainment. Have you ever thought about how you can combine your "Web presence" with your faith in God?

Link to Devotional Gained Much Attention

Mike Evans, owner of Gulf Coast Fans in Damon, Texas, considered that as he developed his business' first Web site several years ago. "I was thinking about the site and thought, How cool would it be to help spread the Good News?" he says.

A friend had shown him Promises, a devotion written by Cru's late founder Bill Bright. Knowing people would visit Mike's Web site browsing for ceiling fan parts, he placed a link to Promises right in the middle.

"You're looking through for blades or switches and sandwiched in there is the devotional."

Mike began to receive e-mails and phone calls complimenting his business on including a Christian resource on his Web site.

"When people began to take the time to do that, it made a difference in my heart," he says. "Who knows what one link might do in a life? It could change it completely."

Now, years later, all 7 of Mike's Web sites include the link.

What You Can Do Online

You don't have to own a business to lead web surfers to the gospel message. You might have a personal Web site, a blog or a profile on a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace.

Consider adding a link to resources like Promises, Would You Like to Know God Personally? or Who is Jesus? You could also list www.cru.org and similar Web pages among your favorite sites.

Or, you might bookmark a favorite article on www.cru.org for friends, family and strangers to read when visiting your Web space. Simply click the "Bookmark" icon on an article page and follow the instructions.

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