7 Reasons to Get to Know Your Campus

God has called YOU to influence a campus for His kingdom! How will you start? Maybe you already know a few students or a teacher on campus, or maybe you know no one. Either way, learning the basics of your campus up front will be worth the time you spend.

All high schools have things in common, but each is different and needs an introduction. Just as a relationship grows as you get to know someone, your relationship with the school will grow as you get to know it.

Getting a thorough introduction to your school will help you…

Begin to Understand Students

When you step onto the grounds of a school, you not only cross a physical boundary, you also cross into a different culture. Your school’s culture is a product of family demographics, community values, school goals, extracurricular activities, and social media, to name a few. As you learn the culture, you will better understand students. That knowledge coupled with listening, love, and time, will make you a relevant minister of the gospel. 

Learn How to Serve the School

At Cru, our heart is to be a resource to the school. As you talk with teachers, parents, and students, you will hear about needs and opportunities for involvement. Most schools need mentors, substitute teachers, assistant coaches, and chaperones. Additionally, some schools have special programs in which you can serve, such as Be the Change Day, Freshmen Day of Service, or Small Houses for Veterans. Your school likely has a unique program with which you can help. Your effort to learn these details will open the door to serve. 

Build a Network

One person will lead you to three more, then those three will lead you to nine more, and so on. As you research and initiate with those in and around the school, you will end up with a team of people who can partner with you to reach the school. Parents can become prayer partners; teachers can become campus sponsors; a local church can provide a convenient off-campus meeting place. If you are not sure where to begin, the Get to Know your Campus Questionnaire will help. 

Getting a solid introduction to your school will yield ample benefits as you get started.

Know your Boundaries

As a campus minister, you will need to know the boundaries the school has set for spiritual influence. Every district has its policies, but each school’s administration decides how to implement those policies. So you may feel very unwelcome or restricted at one school, while another in the same district gives you full access. So a big part of your introduction to a school will be finding out where you as a Cru staff member fall on that spectrum and then serving according to those guidelines.

See the Whole School

When you first start to look at your school, you will see the main attractions – the most valued sports team, the most popular students, and the unique values of the school. But as you dig deeper, you will find the groups that are quieter and smaller. Besides formal student groups, every campus has informal groups. You may also discover where God is already working through a current Christian club or through Christian students involved in other groups. Check out How you can Get to Know Your Campus for more ideas in discovering your campus.  

Be Comfortable on Campus

With your network in place and knowledge of the campus culture, you will feel at home in the hallways of the campus. Knowing the campus rules for visitors and volunteers will free you to initiate and respond appropriately as you engage students and adults. Over time, as trust builds and the relationship matures, you might even be considered an “insider.” That hard-earned access will be a great asset as you work to reach the campus.

Get Started

How will you start? After getting properly introduced to your school, you will become confident. God knows the school and loves the students more than you can comprehend. As you seek Him and get to know your campus through research and initiation, God will lead you. Through the people you meet, the knowledge you gain, and the heart you develop, you will see a clear direction. 

Next Step

The campus is the best place to start your introduction. Look up the school’s website. Investigate with a yearbook. Interview students, teachers, parents and youth pastors. Go to a campus event. All of these will introduce you to your campus and set you up for a fruitful campus ministry.

Getting To Know Your Campus Questionnaire


Cru Promo Videos

It was once said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, if that’s true, a video is worth a million. As we talk about Cru with students, administration, donors, volunteers, parents, and others, having a video can sometimes help them get the feel of what we do.

Below you’ll find a few videos that do just that. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check our YouTube channels at Cru High School and Gotothecampus. If we’ve got it, it’ll be there.

Cru Promo Video – 3 Minute Version

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Cru Promo Video – 1 Minute Version

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Cru Promo Video – 1 Minute Version (vertical)

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