This section is for student leaders and field volunteers working directly with students. We want you to be equipped to do these five things...
Teenagers can be intimidating. Learn how to meet them, connect with them, and relate to them.
2. How to Meet Students and Build Relationships
Starting a conversation and a relationship with a student for the first time can feel awkward. But ultimately it’s an act of courage and love!
Best Practices for Relating to Minors
If you're an adult, get familiar with these tips for relating to minors.
5 Tips for Adults Working with Teens
Tips to help you have better conversations with teenagers and build relationships of trust.
5. What It Looks Like To Go To The Campus
The high school campus can be a scary place if you feel like you don't belong. Here are some tips for going to the campus.
4. Being an Adult in a Student World
It's important to build relationships with the teenagers you are working with, but you're not a kid, you're an adult. Let's talk about how to

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