This section is for student leaders and field volunteers working directly with students. We want you to be equipped to do these five things...
Teenagers still live in their parent's homes. Learn when and how to have conversations with their parents.
Five Principles for Connecting with Parents
This is about strengthening your ministry through connecting with parents or guardians. They are the allies you did not know you had.
How to Talk to Parents About Cru
It's not always easy to explain Cru to someone else, especially to parents.
A Letter from Cru to our Students’ Parents
Parents are a crucial part of our ministry with teenagers. This is what we want all parents to know about Cru.
Hosting a Cru Volunteer Information Meeting
You are not alone; God has prepared others to help students at your school, and a Cru volunteer meeting can bring all of you together.
Involving Adults in Ministry
Parents, teachers, and other adults are a tremendous resource when trying to reach a campus.