Developing Student Leaders
Find and develop the leadership qualities in your students.
7. Developing Student Leaders
If you want to set up your campus movement to win, start developing your student leaders early. Good student leaders will make or break your
5 Ways to Develop Student Leaders
Here are five simple steps you can use to help you develop student leaders.
7 Reasons Your Ministry Should Be Student-Led
Students Are More Capable To Lead Than We Think They Are.
Graduating Seniors Well
Do not just let your students leave your ministry when they graduate; invest in graduating them well.
What to look for in a Student Leader
Learning how to identify a good student leader can be challenging. Here are some things we look for and ways to communicate that to your
Where Do I Find Student Leaders?
The mysterious student leader can be hard to come by for many Cru leaders. Are they real or just a myth?
Creating a Vision Plan for Your Student
Learn to be a blessing to your closest students in a unique and meaningful way by creating a vision plan for them.
Involving Students in Evangelism
As you step out onto the high school campus, we can only begin to imagine what great spiritual conversations will take place.
Teaching a Student to Share the Gospel
The gospel is hard enough to talk about for me--how do I train someone else how to do it well?