This section is for student leaders and field volunteers working directly with students. We want you to be equipped to do these five things...
Find out what Cru is and how to explain it to the students and adults that you meet
1. Cru – Here to Help
In Cru, we believe that everyone is on a spiritual journey. No matter who you are, God has a next step for you and we
Why Go To The Campus?
Going to the campus is a key part of impacting the lives of today's teenagers.
The Big Picture of Cru
This is a quick overview of what Cru looks like on a high school campus and how you can get started!
Why Reach Teenagers?
At some point in life, everyone will start to ask “What is my life for?” We think that is the best time to reach out
How does Cru help students?
What is your greatest ministry need? Follow the links in the article above to explore how a Cru resource or tool can meet that need.

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