We Can Help You Help Yourselves

Sometimes a partnership with Creative One Media is simply utilizing our DIY services. As more and more tools become available, the more you may not need us as much as you think. (Don’t worry about our job security. There’s still plenty of creative work to do in ministry!)


Videos can be an effective medium if you’re trying to tell a story that connects with the heart. If you want our help capturing some footage, let’s talk about that! We might be able to make it work. However, Creative One Media has a limited number of videographers. If we can’t get someone to head your way when you need them, here is a helpful article that will help you film your own quality videos!

Another thing to consider is if you actually need a video in the first place. Sometimes the answer is “NO,” and that’s ok! When thinking about what you’re trying to communicate and who your audience is, there could be a much better solution out there. This article may be able to help you determine what you need instead.


Creative One Media has been hard at work creating templates that allow you to customize these pre-made promotional materials. Marketing and Mobilization has enlisted a simplified but powerful online design program called Canva to help us get them to you. If you aren’t already a member of our enterprise account with Canva, simply fill out this form to gain access. And if you think of anything that would be helpful to add, let us know!


There are a variety of ways we can go about serving you in this area, but this article is about DIY so we’ll just focus on that for now. We can try and point you to some websites with training on how to make your site a reality.  Also, we have made some instructional videos that help you edit your website if you need to make changes after we complete the initial design.

Considering this may be out of your league?  Then contact us to start a dialogue about your specific design challenge.

*we cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted by Canva.

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