Left to right: Zak, Tina, Roy, Becky Photo courtesy Zak and Becky Alwin.

More than Music

One event turned Roy’s life around forever.

Amber Wiley

Roy heard the bluesy hip-hop blasting from across the street near his home in Wisconsin Dells. He wandered over to hear Cru’s Keynote band, Rhymz Suhreal playing music and talking about the gospel of Jesus.

Wearing a ragged flannel shirt and long beard, he approached band members Becky and Zak Alwin. He told them his life was falling apart. His marriage was on the rocks and he was battling addiction.

As an ex-felon, no one would hire him. Roy wanted change.

That night, the Alwin’s connected Roy with the local church who sponsored their show. They also kept in touch with Roy, encouraging him as he fought for transformation.

Now, Roy is not only attending church again, but is sober and has started his own handyman business. He and his wife Tina attended a Weekend to Remember conference and committed to saving their marriage.

Roy has definitely seen his faith grow. “It’s encouraging to hear Roy speaking up in prayer as the encourager,” Becky says. “He went from being poured into, to be the one pouring out.”

The Alwin’s want to inspire people through music. “If [people] find themselves at a crossroad, we hope they consider taking the road less traveled, one that leads to hope and redemption only found in Christ.”

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