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The Cru logo is the unifying visual element that appears across all of our communications. The combination of the colors and lines illustrates the four corners of the world converging in unity.



On light backgrounds, use the full-color logo.


On dark backgrounds, use the solid white logo.


The wordmark can be white and the symbol full color in some situations, but all four symbol colors must be perceptible.


If the full-color logo cannot be used, use Cru Dark Gray or 100% black. Our logo should never appear in grayscale.

Clear Space


Our logo needs clear space around it, free of text, graphics or other logos. 

Use the upper-left corner in the symbol as a spacer to determine the minimum space needed.

Incorrect Use

We only have one logo. It contains our “cru” wordmark and our cross symbol. Never change the logo in any way.

The wordmark never appears without the symbol.

The symbol never appears without the wordmark.