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Reproducing our logo and colors consistently across all applications and mediums is vital. To help achieve this, color formulas have been provided for printing offset spot colors (PANTONE®), process colors (CMYK) and on-screen applications (RGB and HEX).


After our logo, the color yellow is our most recognized brand asset.

The color yellow is the most luminous of all the colors in the spectrum and captures our attention more than any other color. Use it strategically to focus your audience’s attention. If it is overused, it becomes loud and disruptive in communications.

Take care to preserve legibility when using yellow. As a rule, avoid using yellow text on white and white text on yellow.

Cru Yellow


RGB 255,207,7
Hex #FFCF07
CMYK 0,18,100,0
PMS 116 C


Grays can be used for backgrounds, text and icons. Use it strategically to create visual depth or emphasis. Use the color formulas provided to achieve visual consistency across Cru’s ecosystem.

Cru Gray 1

Dark Gray

RGB 56,63,67
Hex #383F43
CMYK 81,64,52,43
PMS 432 C

Cru Gray 2

Medium Gray

RGB 156,159,161
Hex #9C9FA1
CMYK 56,40,37,4
PMS 430 C

Cru Gray 3

Light Gray

RGB 235,236,236
CMYK 26,17,16,0
PMS 428 C


Even though white is technically not a color, we use it as one. White “space” is important when we are creating communications for our audiences. When white space is balanced well with content, it increases readability and comprehension.

What about our logo colors?

Although we have four colors in our symbol, this is the only time in which all are used together. Never use Cru Orange, Cru Blue or Cru Light Blue outside of photography or illustrations. We want people to recognize us by our mark and Cru Yellow.

Cru Blue


RGB 0,123,198
Hex #007BC6
CMYK 86,40,0,0
PMS 2173 C

Cru Cyan

Light Blue

RGB 0,199,226
Hex #00C7E2
CMYK 81,0,11,0
PMS 2199 C

Cru Orange


RGB 255,151,0
Hex #FF9700
CMYK 0,45,96,0
PMS 1375 C

What About Other Colors?

If using the white or Cru Dark Gray logo, Cru Yellow must be represented in the design.
Outside of photography and illustration, only use Cru Yellow, Cru Grays, 100% black, or white.
If using the full color logo with ample white space, Cru Yellow is not necessary.
Other colors are permitted in photography and illustrations.