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A brand is so much more than a name, a logo, fonts and thematic colors — it’s an experience.

It’s the emotions and thoughts that stir in people as they encounter our words and actions. It’s the feelings people have when they interact with us in any way. 

Our desire is to be intentional about these experiences, including our visual expressions. We want people to know us and trust us as we join them on their spiritual journeys and offer them a next step toward Jesus.

That is why I’m excited to introduce you to the refreshed Cru® visual style guide for 2020 and beyond, put together by a talented team of Cru creatives and designers. 

So why make changes? 

Since the initial release of the Cru visual identity in 2011, the world around us has changed dramatically, especially digitally. Everything you see here is thoughtfully crafted to perform well on mobile and desktop screens as well as in print. To accomplish this, we have selected a new — and forever free — corporate font and have adjusted the Cru color values to enhance vibrancy and contrast.

The previous guide was complex and at times confusing (even for us). So in this refresh, we have aimed to create a simple brand expression so each ministry can be recognized as Cru and still have the flexibility to reach its unique audience.

When every Cru team is consistent in creating, communicating and embodying Cru, we collectively build brand equity — we all win!

We’re releasing the refreshed guide in phases, starting with the basics. More elements will be released periodically that will enrich Cru’s visual style and hopefully stimulate creativity in your designs.

As a steward of the Cru brand experience, you are vital. I can’t wait to see the amazing designs you’ll create!

Making disciples with you,

Dennis Brockman
Cru Brand Experience Director