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A brand is what people have in mind when they think of an organization. It’s the emotions and thoughts that stir in people as they encounter our words and actions on their spiritual journey. One way Cru will be recognized tangibly, is by our brand identity.

Our brand identity is a tool to unite our many ministries in the public eye, and communicate clearly our common intent behind each mission field.

That is why we’re excited to introduce the refreshed Cru brand identity, put together by a talented team of Cru designers.

So why make changes?

Since the initial release of the Cru brand identity in 2011, the world around us has changed dramatically, especially digitally. Everything you see here is thoughtfully crafted to perform well on mobile and desktop screens as well as in print. To accomplish this, we have selected a new — and forever free — corporate font and have adjusted the Cru color values to enhance vibrancy. These seemingly subtle yet important changes will serve us well in the digital world.

As we continue to learn, we’ve found ways to simplify brand usage without losing meaning. So in this refresh, we created a brand expression that is simple yet appealing and effective, and easily applicable to all ministries. This is the best way for each ministry to be recognized as Cru while allowing for the needed flexibility to reach its unique audience.

Finally, going forward, the brand website will continue to grow and evolve with Cru. This makes it easy for you to find the latest about our brand, in one simple, up to date place. Every variation of the Cru logo and our new fonts are available for download on our site.

So how to move forward?

We recognize change takes time and resources. We are not issuing a compliance deadline for these very reasons, but we do ask that you begin following our refreshed identity on all new projects.

If you have brand identity questions or seeking feedback on your latest creation from the Cru Brand Identity Team share them in the Cru Brand Identity Workplace Group or via email.

Cru Brand Identity Team