Does the Bible Hold the Answer To…

Does the Bible Hold the Answer To…

  1. Marriage: Does the Bible hold the answer to whom you should marry?
  2. Wealth: Does the Bible hold financial secrets that could make you a millionaire?
  3. Life on Other Planets: Does the Bible answer the question of life on other planets?
  4. Mystery of the Pyramids: Does the Bible unlock the mystery of where the ancient pyramids came from?
If It Were God…

If It Were God…

  1. Test: If the answers to a test were given by God, would you trust them?
  2. Letter: If it came from God, would you want to read it?
  3. Cell Phone: If the person on the other end was God, would you take the call?
  4. Cassette: If the person’s voice on this was God’s, would you be curious to listen?

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