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Response to Ferguson: God’s love covers all

Melody Copenny December 3, 2014

This article is reposted from The Impact Movement, a ministry of Cru who is seeking to see each community of African descent become a reflection of God’s redemptive power.

Many people in the city of Ferguson, Mo. are hurting deeply today. We understand their tears and we see their pain.

The pain goes deep and the misunderstandings and apprehensions in these situations go even deeper. The root of race and understanding is real.

As a movement that envisions seeing each community of African descent fulfilling its destiny as a reflection of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, The Impact Movement is burdened by the current reality of Ferguson and communities nationwide.

In moments like these, we in the household of faith must remember who God is and what is true so we can be guided through these turbulent waters. We are called by God to be salt and light in such very dark times. We encourage you to consider engaging in the following responses:

Take some time and pray to the Lord.

Invite Him into your heart process as you internalize what Ferguson means to you, your campus, your community, your church, your workplace and beyond.

If you’re angry, be honest with the Lord and tell Him why. If you’re hurting and disappointed, be vulnerable and tell Him why. If you don’t know what you feel, convey that to Him as well.

With any response you have to this situation and other moments in life that are difficult to understand, please embrace the truth that God cares about how you feel. He wants to walk with you in the journey, raw emotions and all.

Be open and honest with Him so you can encourage others to do the same. The world doesn’t always feel like a safe place, but there’s safety in the only true and living God who is trustworthy and gracious with us in our weaknesses.

Be quick to listen.

As many of your peers, family and friends discuss how they feel about the grand jury decision and other themes connected to this situation, be an active listener.

Let people be honest with you. Be quick to listen and prayerfully consider how God would have you respond to what they are saying and how they are feeling. Many people in communities of African descent are angry and hurting. Anger always has a deeper root cause.

Invite people to share why they are angry and listen to them. Share how you feel too. Look for the gem opportunities God provides you to weave the gospel, hope and Jesus into these delicate conversations. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in wisdom. He will faithfully do so.

God’s love covers all.

In such a polarizing situation like Ferguson, many people have taken sides, vehemently fighting for causes and the struggle they feel they must not let die.

There’s a lot of disunity and separation. In such places we miss the point of who is truly at work and stays constant as the enemy of our souls.

Satan uses opportunities like these to accomplish what he’s committed to: killing life, stealing joy and ultimately destroying the human race. Before there was a Ferguson, there was Garden. In this Garden God made human beings, fashioned in his likeness and made in his image.

When you engage in what’s happening in Ferguson in your conversations and your prayers, please remember that God’s love covers all – it covers us, our brokenness, our mistakes and so much more. Pray for this love to heal hearts and be a balm to agitated souls today and in the days and weeks to come.

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