The Impact Movement

College Grad Gives Coat to Stranger in Need

By: Jennifer Abegg

Vincent Warsaw had shared his faith before, but no one had ever trusted Christ with him. This time, something different happened.

The graduate from California State University-Dominguez Hills was participating in the Impact conference, part of Cru's ministry to African-American college students.

On the 3rd day of the 5-day conference, attendees formed small groups to walk around impoverished neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., and deliver boxes of food that also contained Bibles. The 2,300 conferees were trained in how to initiate spiritual conversations.

When Vincent and his teammates knocked on the door of Michelle Bailey's apartment, she stepped outside to talk with them. That's when Vincent noticed the woman in her late 20s shivering.

"I had on 2 jackets," says Vincent. So he gave her his leather one.

Vincent later told Impact staff member Bob Britton that he was reacting to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Michelle accepted the coat, then slipped back inside to tell her brother about it. He and her sister's boyfriend, Allen, wanted to meet the person who had sacrificed a valuable coat for someone he barely knew.

Vincent struck up a conversation with Allen. They talked about Allen's daughter and girlfriend, and then about church and spirituality.

"Allen said he wanted to know God better," recalls Vincent.

Once again, Vincent knew how to help meet that need. That day, Allen prayed and received Jesus as his Savior.

In one day, 2,523 Washington, D.C., residents received invitations into God's kingdom as Impact students fanned out to share food and explain their faith. As a result, 344 people prayed and received Christ as their Savior.

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