Business is God’s Calling

Angel McCurdy

Daniel Singh was just 25 when he thought the only answer to his problems was to end his life.

He was bankrupt, friendless and unable to go to his parents for help. The only solution he could think of was committing suicide.

“I was making serious plans,” Daniel said. “My office was on the third floor and I was considering falling down.”

It was during this dark time that he spotted a Bible his mother had given him years before when he left his Orthodox home to start a business. Daniel had turned away from Christianity. His parents had objections to Daniel’s desire to be a businessman because they felt it was against their Christian beliefs.

“I started reading the Bible,” Daniel said. “I started with Psalm 1. It was very interesting and I kept reading. My life was similar to David’s life. He used to say that he would trust in the Lord and the Lord would save him.

“I thought about what was the difference from my life and David’s life – He has God and I don’t.”

That’s when Daniel asked God for forgiveness. He prayed that the Lord would show him the sins he had committed.

“I felt my sins were more serious. I cried for a long time,” he said. “Then I asked God to reveal the sins that He had forgotten. Then I said, ‘Lord come into my life.’”

Daniel’s problems didn’t end once he asked Jesus to be his Savior. But his life changed.

He moved back home and started working for nonprofit organizations like the International Justice Movement helping people in poverty  start businesses. It was through helping others develop business plans that Daniel fell into interior design.

In 2014, Daniel attended a Biblical entrepreneurship conference put on by Leader Impact staff members where God revealed the value of Daniel’s passions.

“They said, ‘Business is God’s calling,’” he said. “That was very profound. That’s when I started taking seriously that being a businessman is God’s calling. You can be salt and light.”

Daniel is solving problems, influencing people and sharing the love of Christ as an interior designer and leader of Safe Hands, a nonprofit that provides counseling support.

“I want to redefine what it means to be successful,” Daniel said. “Being successful is about the way you impact your staff, your clients, your vendors.”

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