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Inner City

Behind Walls

A student experiences ministry in inner city Seattle.

Cru Inner City

"My heart has changed toward the homeless and the less privileged," CJ McMunn says following his experiences on Summer in the City™ in Seattle.

The criminal justice major immediately began encouraging others to get involved. "I enjoy talking with the people I work and interact with about ministering to those in need and why it is important," he says.

He knows it's important because he's seen what can happen in even the most unexpected places.

Part of his Summer in the City experiences involved leading a small group in a local prison. For any college student, the idea of teaching the incarcerated about Christ can be a little intimidating.

CJ explained the foundations of the gospel message to a group of women, unsure how it would be received. Several members of the group were already believers and began to speak up about how they made the decision to pray and receive Christ as their Savior.

Seeing their faith and how they "applied their belief in Jesus inside the walls" challenged CJ. But he was not the only one affected by their words.

Hearing story after story, testimony after testimony of God at work, a young lady named Haven decided it was time to make her own decision. Right before CJ's eyes, Haven surrendered her life to Christ.

CJ is very passionate about other college students taking the plunge and participating in Summer in the City themselves. "Interacting with the homeless, inmates, and children was more fulfilling than working or anything I'd have been doing over the summer," he says.

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