Inner City

Angry Man Disarmed, Transformed by Boxes of Love

One Minnesota pastor sees a miracle worked in the life of an angry Boxes of Love recipient.

Sarah Martin
Photo by Tom Mills

Stories pour in every year following the annual Boxes of Love outreaches in cities throughout the United States. Here's Life Inner City supplies local churches with the resources to give needy families the ability to celebrate with a complete Thanksgiving meal.

Recipients respond in a variety of ways, including giving back themselves.

"A brother of our church had received a Box of Love, but gave it to a family in [greater] need," says Mose Little, Jr. of Bread of Life Ministries in Chicago. The man later joined that family for their Thanksgiving meal.

Sometimes, however, the initial response to a gift of food is different.

Isaac Marwieh, a Minnesota pastor, offered a Box of Love to a man from West Africa. "Why don't you mind your own business and go your way! Nothing you say can change what I think and who I am, so please leave me alone," came the angry response.

Pastor Isaac placed the box outside the door and left his phone number, just in case.

A few days later, the pastor received a call from the angry man, asking to continue their conversation.

The following Sunday, Pastor Isaac picked him up at his door - this time welcomed - and drove the man to church. He placed his trust in Christ that morning, and today serves on the usher board at Isaac's church.

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