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Grad Student Reaches Out to Campus and Beyond

Becky Thomton

In graduate school, Andy Mitchell discovered a different world from his undergraduate experience. At Texas A&M University, far from his Pennsylvania home, Andy's new life was busy and stressful, and his peers were skeptical and cynical. He knew only a few Christians.

So while earning a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, Andy helped start Christian Graduate Student Network, equipped by Cru's Grad Resources.

"Many grad students will go on to become our nation's leaders and professors, but during their studies, they often feel lonely and isolated," says Nick Repak, director of Grad Resources.

Grad Resources provided books for Andy to use in group studies, highlighting the intellectual side of spiritual matters. As the group grew, some graduates began a study specifically for non-Christians.

One student from China, Yu Li, became a Christian as a result, and her parents also became interested in Christianity.

"When so many [grad] students backslide or hibernate in their faith," says Andy, "it's amazing to me that even 10 of us are thriving in our faith."

Over 150 grads have signed up for the group's e-mail list.

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