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When you take on the task of reaching the world, you have to think big.

Leaders and staff members within Cru accepted Jesus Christ’s command to go to the world – the whole world – and teach what He said. The church calls it the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Of course, we’ve never believed the task was ours alone to accomplish. As an international parachurch mission organization, we want to accelerate the efforts of others by creating strategies and giving them away.

Perhaps you’ve worked with us and you didn’t even know we were there alongside you.

Materials to Help You Tell Others About Jesus

In 1965, the founder of Cru, Bill Bright, wrote what he described as “the distilled essence of the gospel” into a booklet. Called Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? this little yellow booklet was translated into more than 200 languages, equipping Christians with a simple way to introduce others to God's love, truth and message of hope.

Similarly, another concise and transferable tract called Have You Made the Wonderful Discovery of the Spirit-Filled Life? was published and distributed around the world, teaching Christians how to live the Christian life in God's power, not their own.

Through the years, both tracts have been redesigned and repackaged. The originals are still available.

Cru staff member and apologetics expert, Josh McDowell, has written several famous books that detail the defensible facts of Christianity, including More Than a Carpenter and Evidence That Demands a Verdict.

Scholarly yet simple, these books combine logic and history to answer doubts about Jesus with compelling and persuasive data. The reader must decide: Will I accept what Jesus said about Himself? Will I surrender to Jesus and allow Him to change me?

The World’s Most Translated Film

When a movie about Jesus’ life debuted in 250 theatres in 1979, no one could have anticipated its lasting impact. But today, Cru has translated the JESUS film into more than 1,900 languages.

Considered one of the most valuable tools for accelerating the spread of the gospel worldwide, people learn about Jesus and hear what He said in their own mother tongue, receiving at film’s end an invitation to say yes to Jesus.

The movie has been shown in every country of the world. A host of versions are available, including one for children, for fans of soccer, and one for women, as well as an anime version in the works.

College Students

“Since 1951, Cru has gone to the universities of the world to turn “me-centered leaders” into “Christ-centered laborers.” Every incoming freshman receives a “Freshman Survival Kit” (complete with an introduction to Jesus). Cru T&T’s Campus ministry also offers training in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership through our annual Leadership Training Institute (LTI) sessions for students.”

Marriages and Families

“Hundreds of people across Trinidad and Tobago have attended conferences sponsored by FamilyLife, a ministry fo Cru.  FamilyLife has also had a long-running radio program on ISAAC 98.1 Fm centred around issues related to marriage and family.  Homebuilders bible study groups are also a main feature of the FamilyLife ministry in Trinidad”

The Wide World of Sports

“Our sports ministry, Athletes in Action, intentionally connects with many teams across the spectrum of sports played in Trinidad & Tobago.  Whether the sport is football, basketball, cricket etc. sports is a nice bridge towards having spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel.”

EveryStudent.com – reaching the world

“EveryStudent.com is Cru’s most prominent evangelistic website, reaching nearly 60 million students and adults last year. Articles and videos seek to answer people’s questions about life and God, giving them persuasive reasons to begin a relationship with God. People can also email a personal question and receive a personal email reply.

An average of more than 2,000 people each day tell us they have asked Jesus into their lives while on the site. In addition to offering a follow-up site for new believers, StartingwithGod.com, new believers are also encouraged to sign up for immediate follow-up. An average of 35-40% do so.

EveryStudent.com is now in 49 languages, making the concept of “closed countries” obsolete. The site is in Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, and many others.

To find out how you can use EveryStudent.com to reach and disciple others, please see its resource site, EveryStudent.info.”

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