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The Mission of God in the World

Take a minute to ask God to use this content in your heart and life.

God’s Story

You were born into a story. But you are not the center of the story.. The story is bigger than you, and even the world you live in.

This story cannot be stopped. It cannot be held back. It will accomplish its intended purposes. Our unique planet, Earth, and the stars, planets, and galaxies that we find ourselves in, all have an intended purpose. And this purpose is the mission of God.

God’s Glory

God is about his glory. How does that strike you? To some, the idea that God is about His glory makes God seem arrogant. But it is the most basic of desires in the human heart to give glory to things that deserve glory. We watch sporting events and we are amazed by the abilities of athletes who excel in their skill, arena, or sport. We experience the work of artists who paint, musicians who compose, chefs who cook. And something in our soul wants to give credit to the people who accomplish these things. When we experience goodness in the world, our soul longs to thank someone or something for the goodness we get to take part in.

The glory of God in the universe is about giving credit to God in His goodness and righteousness. The glory God far surpasses anything that humanity can produce. At this moment the sun is setting somewhere on planet earth. Reds and yellows are streaking across the sky. A sunset is priceless, and God is doing that constantly, all over the world. Meanwhile trees bud and bloom. Fish swim. The natural world moves with a rhythm all its own – a rhythm that points all things back to the glory of God.

God’s Design

But sunsets are not the focus of God’s glory. As glorious as a sunset might be, God put His most precious seal on only one aspect of His creation, humanity. The book of Genesis tells us that God marked humans with His image

This means God has given humanity a unique authority and ability to join Him in His mission. This ability was originally intended to be used to take care of the creation God made. God created humanity to work very closely with God, like a supervisor at a job. Even beyond that, God created men and women to have a personal relationship with Him and with each other. He created us to experience life together as a father or mother might experience life with their children.

The universe God created was meaningful, significant, safe, and just. It was designed for humanity to enjoy God, to enjoy sunsets and beaches, fresh mango and raspberries, rushing rivers, and mountain views. God created the universe for us to play and adventure in, to laugh and love and enjoy.

Our Reality

But something tragic happened – something more tragic than any event that has ever occurred. There exists in the universe an enemy of God. This enemy was a part of the creation, an angel who chose to rebel from God. Instead of joining God in the good work of giving God glory, God’s enemy decided to work for his own glory. The enemy of God focused his attacks on the crown jewel of God’s creation – the one marked with the image of God.

There is a dynamic contrast that exists in the world today. We live in a universe of beautiful galaxies, and crystal blue skies. A universe of shooting stars and lightning bugs on warm summer evenings. But we also live in a world of racism, pollution,, murder, depression, genocide, and countless other broken experiences.

We all experience this contrast, in big and little ways, every day. But God did not leave the world without a rescue plan. God knew that although the enemy had damaged His image in humanity, there was still a way to redeem us and restore order to creation. The way would be slow from a human perspective. It would require God to sacrifice his only Son, the person of Jesus Christ, to provide the way for humanity to reestablish a relationship with God.

In 33 AD, this sacrifice took place. Jesus Christ was nailed to a Roman cross and buried in a tomb. Three days later Jesus rose from the dead. Hundreds of people saw Jesus after His resurrection and were witnesses to this event that changed the world. Before Jesus returned to His Father, He gave His followers the next step of God’s plan of glory in the universe. Jesus told His followers to help other men and women, fellow image-bearers, to hear and understand the story of God’s glory.

Our Response

Cru exists in the world because we seek to join God in His plan to bring men and women back into a right relationship with God. Today, there are 7 billion image-bearers in the world. God knows the name of each of these people. He desperately loves each of them. And He is longing for each of these image-bearers to experience the fullness of God’s glory through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

And that includes you. You are not the center of the narrative of the world but you are significant to God. In fact, displaying God’s glory through life in Jesus is the specific reason God has given you life. There is no greater joy in life than understanding our purpose. And our purpose is most specifically defined in joining God in His work of glory in the world.  

Life can be complicated, and the world is hurting. Riots, pandemics, struggles in mental health, and political divides saturate our headlines and headspace. We can only find the clarity and healing we desire by joining in God’s mission and letting our lives be touched by the grace of Jesus Christ. Let’s join in God’s mission together.


Cru has opportunities for you to join God in His work in the world:

Take a few minutes to ask God what He is teaching you and what He might have you do in response. If you have next steps, write them down or share them with a friend who can help keep you accountable.

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