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Key Volunteer Challenge

Take a minute to ask God to use this content in your heart and life.

The Key Volunteer Challenge is a simple and transferable way to show a Christian how they can become a multiplying disciple, or a Key Volunteer.


What You Will Need

    • Pen and paper
    • Bible or Bible app


Fold the paper into thirds.

Discover their vision.

Ask them:

  1. What are the biggest needs on your campus?
  2. What do you want to see change on your campus?
  3. What is your vision?

In the top third of your paper, have the person draw their vision.

Ask: Could you please describe your picture?

Discovering Win, Build, Send & Spiritual Multiplication

In the middle section, write out Matthew 28:18-20.


  1. Can you please read Matthew 28:18-20?
  2. In this passage, what does Jesus ask them to do?

Write “Go”, “Make”, and “All.”

Next to “Go”, draw an arrow and write WIN.

Explain Win (helping others know Jesus).

Next to “Make”, draw an arrow and write BUILD.

Explain Build (growing in their faith).

Next to “All”, draw an arrow and write SEND.

Explain Send (living on mission to share the gospel where God calls).

Ask: In this passage, what does Jesus promise them?

To the left of Go-Make-All, write “Jesus is with you.”

Underneath “Jesus is with you” write 2 Timothy 2:2.


  1. Can you please read 2 Timothy 2:2?
  2. In this passage, what is Paul saying?
  3. In this passage, what type of people is Paul telling you to invest in?

Draw out the spiritual multiplication chain

    • Explain “entrust to faithful men.”
    • Explain “who will invest in others.”


Ask: After reading these passages, what do you think God wants you to do?

In the bottom section, write 1,2,3,4,5.

Ask: Who are 5 friends or classmates who you can share the gospel with this week?

Next to the names, write 1,2,3,4,5.

Ask: Who are 5 Christians that you can share this challenge with this week and ask if they would like to join you?

Write the names.

Ask: What do you need from me in order to do this?

They might say: I don’t know how to share the gospel, or I am not confident enough to go share the gospel. In that moment, train them how to share the gospel through the Four Spiritual Laws or Knowing God Personally. If they have never shared the gospel before, go share the gospel with them or set up a time to go sharing with them.

Ask: When can we meet next week to talk about how this went?

Be sure to set a day and time so you can keep them accountable.


End by taking a minute to pray with the student and for the student’s friends who they wrote down.

Take a few minutes to ask God what He is teaching you and what He might have you do in response. If you have next steps, write them down or share them with a friend who can help keep you accountable.

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