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Getting Connected to a Cru Ministry Coach

Take a minute to ask God to use this content in your heart and life.

How We Can Help

If you have a vision for ministry on your campus, consider getting in touch with a coach from Cru. Our coaches listen to you, encourage you, and pray with and for you. They draw on real ministry experience to offer you new methods and timeless principles for your personal ministry. They’ll also let you know about opportunities to grow and serve in community through events, conferences, and trips.

Cru believes college students like you impact the world for Christ, and we want to serve you as you join God at work on your campus.

How It Works

  1. Fill out this form and let us know you’re interested in hearing more.
  2. One of our coaches will reach out to set up a 20-minute call to get to know you and your vision for your campus
  3. When you talk, you and your coach will explore the best next step for you and your ministry. That next step could be continuing the coaching relationship, or it may be getting connected to other Cru resources.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Here is some more info about starting Cru on your campus.

Take a few minutes to ask God what He is teaching you and what He might have you do in response. If you have next steps, write them down or share them with a friend who can help keep you accountable.

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