Tools for Reaching Freshmen

Find More Freshmen Toolkit 2023

This content was co-created with college ministry leaders serving locally, regionally, and nationally with Cru. We designed it to give you valuable know-how and resources to help your college ministry team find more freshmen this year.

How to Open the Find More Freshmen Toolkit

After clicking the link below, select “Login to Enroll” on the right side of the page. If you are not currently signed into Okta, you will need to sign in to access the toolkit. 

What is in the Toolkit?

The toolkit will help you Find More College Freshmen…

  • Through available funding for freshmen surveys and fall retreat scholarships.
  • Through Instagram.
  • Through a free ministry website on
  • Through a free digital survey and QR code.
  • Through funding for freshmen giveaways.
  • Through case studies from peer leaders about best practices they’re using.

Who Is This Toolkit For?

This toolkit is for anyone looking to reach this year’s college freshmen. We will help you find and connect with more undergraduate college freshmen during those crucial first weeks on campus and help them discover your ministry and take a step toward Jesus.

What You Can Expect

After opening the toolkit, you will be asked to sign into Okta to access the toolkit.

If you do not have an Okta account, click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page to create your free Okta account.

For questions and more information, click the button below to email our team. 

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Mobilizing to Winter Conference

Discounts on Winter Conference!

Get more students to Winter Conference! Student registration is now open, and promo materials just dropped that you can use to recruit to Winter Conference DURING Fall Retreat. If students register before December 7th, they’ll get $60 off!

Yet the students who would be ready to register for Winter Conference during Fall Retreat are most likely the ones who have already attended in the past. These students are perhaps your most valuable mobilizers because they can talk about their experiences and invite their friends to come with them. Incentivizing these returners to register early will give them more time to mobilize other students to join them. In the next couple of weeks, students who attended a Winter Conference last year will be notified that they can receive an additional $20 off if they sign up to go to Winter Conference again by November 6th (while funding lasts). They will also receive a conversation guide to encourage them to invite their friends to come with them. We’re praying this will give a boost to your recruiting efforts, and empower your students to go to Winter Conference!

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Mobilizing to Mission Trips

Build Momentum for a Summer Mission Trip – starting at your Fall Retreat!

When it comes to summer plans, students have countless options. We know that a summer mission trip can be a monumental experience, and we want to start talking about it as early as possible. 

With Summer Missions applications opening on November 1st, it can be challenging to get students to take practical steps toward exploring Summer Missions earlier in the Fall. To help solve this problem, we are offering resources to help you promote summer mission trips at Fall Retreat and also identify students who are interested in going! Sign up to have all this delivered to you on August 1st:

  • Video content
  • Print pieces 
  • Other promotional items
  • Built-in Summer Mission interest survey with a $500 credit incentive
  • Follow-up conversation guide for interested students
  • Notify interested students by SMS when applications open

How do I get this?

Click the button below and fill out the form then we will reach out to you to set this up for your Fall Retreat.

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Mobilizing to Internship/Employment

Funding & Resources for Recruiting Events and Strategies!

As we pray for more laborers for the harvest, we are always inviting upperclassmen to consider joining us. This past year, over 600 students said they were more likely to start an application after attending a recruiting event. We are committed to working with you and your Mission Director to fund events like this so that more students have access to a compelling invitation. In addition to funding, you will also receive valuable resources to help with your event. 

We know there are other effective ways to give students a taste of what it’s like to join us, and we are prepared to help support these strategies as well.

How do I get this?

Take the brief survey below and we will be in touch with you and your Missions Director about funding and resourcing your recruiting strategies.