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As followers of Christ, we want to continue taking steps of faith where Jesus leads us
– individually or as a community. 

Sometimes, figuring out what the next step is can be challenging. Using the Faith Step Tool, we will work together to identify a specific next step of faith for you, and in down so, learn a process for taking next steps of faith for the rest of your life. 

Print and bring this PDF when meeting with your leader, who will follow the instructions below.




What things from God’s Word come to mind when you think about what He has called all of his followers to do? 

(Have them share with you verbally and leave the space on the worksheet under point 1 empty for now. Affirm their answers and note those that fall under the categories found in the passages below.)


Matthew 22:36-40 & Matthew 28:18-20 = ~ Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples

(Have them write these phrases in the space under point 1 on the worksheet.)


Invite the Holy Spirit to lead you in this process. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit which helps us follow Jesus. 



Ephesians 2:8-10



As God’s workmanship, what are some of the things God has given you to invest faithfully? Keep in mind ALL that God has given you to steward, including strengths, talents, experiences, abilities, passions, family background, ethnicity/culture, challenges you’ve faced personally or as a part of your community. 

(Have them write their answers in the space under point 2 of the worksheet. Give examples if they get stuck. Not limited to 3 things, this is just a place to start.)



Matthew 25:14-19



In light of God’s will and your gifts and resources, what are 3 specific opportunities that you’re aware of right now that God is making available to you? Consider your walk with the Lord, the people in your life, and your community or spheres of influence, etc. 

(Have them write their answers in the space provided under point 3 of the worksheet. You can give suggestions if they get stuck, including Cru and non-Cru options.)



Hebrews 10:24-25 & Proverbs 15:22 



Who are 3 people you might invite to give you advice on this process? i.e. Who will encourage, challenge, and remind you of the decisions you’ve made? They could be trusted friends, family, spiritual leaders, Cru leaders, etc. 

(Have them write down their answers in the space provided under point 4 of the worksheet. If the participant isn’t able to choose a faith step during your conversation, encourage them to pray & process with the people they listed as their community and get back to you by a specific date.)



Looking at the opportunities you listed and considering the other parts of the diagram, what feels like the potential next best step for you to pursue? 

 ~ By when will you take this step? Whom from your community will you ask to encourage and spur you on in the process? 
(Have them write their answers in the space by point 5 on the worksheet.)


Invite the Holy Spirit to help you follow through and take this next faith step!

We’d love your feedback!

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