Why Go To The Campus?

As Christians, we are called to share the love of Jesus with the world. One of the most strategic places to do this is on high school campuses. Why the campus? Here are a few reasons:


The teenage years are a crucial time in a person’s life. It is a time when they are making important decisions about their future and developing their worldview. By reaching out to students on high school campuses, we have the opportunity to influence them in a positive way and help shape their worldview with the truth of the gospel.


High school campuses are a hub of social activity. Students spend a significant amount of time on campus with their peers. By starting Christian communities on campus, we are creating a community where students can connect with other believers and grow in their faith together.

The impact of reaching students on high school campuses can be enormous.


The impact of reaching students on high school campuses can be enormous. By sharing the love of Jesus with one student, we have the potential to impact their entire family and circle of influence. Students who come to know Jesus on campus can go on to become leaders in their community and make a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God.


Many high schools have programs that allow youth workers or other caring, vetted adults to be on campus. It is an ideal place to see the students you know and meet some that you do not know. These programs allow us to go to them rather than making them come to us. This gives us the opportunity to be in the student world, build relationships with adults and students on campus, and have spiritual conversations with those who are interested.

For schools that do not have such programs, you can still go to the campus by going to public sporting or drama events on campus and by finding places nearby where students hang out. Look for opportunities to be wherever students are.

Reaching out to high school students on their campuses is a strategic and impactful way to share the love of Jesus. It is a place of accessibility, influence, community, and potential impact. As we partner with God to reach the next generation, let us not overlook the importance of reaching out to students on high school campuses.

Next Step
Go to your local high school's website. Learn about the campus and what kinds of groups are available for students. Find the school calendar and decide on a public event to go to - like a football game or school play. Getting your feet on the campus will help you begin to connect to and care for the students there.


Cru Promo Videos

It was once said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, if that’s true, a video is worth a million. As we talk about Cru with students, administration, donors, volunteers, parents, and others, having a video can sometimes help them get the feel of what we do.

Below you’ll find a few videos that do just that. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check our YouTube channels at Cru High School and Gotothecampus. If we’ve got it, it’ll be there.

Cru Promo Video – 3 Minute Version

Download this video

Cru Promo Video – 1 Minute Version

Download this video

Cru Promo Video – 1 Minute Version (vertical)

Download this video

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