Conferences and Retreats – Are they worth it?

“Students are just so busy!”

Have you ever thought or said that before? You are not alone! Students have so many options and focusing on their relationship with God and the spiritual condition of their friends can so easily be just another choice of many. 

However, if students understand what a conference could contribute to their spiritual lives, they very well may choose to not just spend time chilling out, working more, or participating in something that could be done at another time. Conferences are unique opportunities and we only get a couple of chances each year to spend time doing what can be astoundingly life-changing. Here are two outstanding reasons for conferences…

1) 1 Conference = 1 Semester

It is often said that spending a week with our students attending one of our conferences is as powerful as spending a whole semester with them in discipleship. Students hear from other students who are sharing their faith and are leading discipleship groups. They attend and participate in student-led prayer sessions. They rub shoulders with many other leaders and hear solid teaching from speakers. Then, each night, they meet with their group leader to process all that has happened that day. Conferences have a track record of nurturing deep spiritual growth in our students.

2) Conferences are like athletic training camps.

Athletes know the value of a good training camp. There, they focus on their skills in a way that they never could in their regular routine. A conference can be like that for a student – an opportunity to focus on learning new skills and understand their spiritual life in new ways.
One uniquely critical aspect of our conferences is students getting to put legs to their faith – a full afternoon of talking to people who might not know Christ in hopes of an opportunity to share Christ with them. Students who have never shared their faith before are paired up with someone who has and they are encouraged to listen and pray as they first go out and contribute more to the conversation as they wish. At the end of the day, they are right in the middle of the conversation and communicating the hope that is in them!

Here are several additional reasons that conferences and retreats will greatly impact the lives of your students and the shape of your ministry. You will not want to miss the next one!

Spending a week with our students attending one of our conferences is as powerful as spending a whole semester with them in discipleship.

Benefits for the Student:

  • Encountering God in a unique way – It seems God speaks in dynamic and poignant ways when we get alone to focus on Him.
  • Growing significantly deeper in the knowledge and love with Jesus Christ
  • Dealing with deeper life issues in a loving environment
  • Learning God’s Word in a remarkably impacting way
  • Being intentionally equipped as a leader
  • Expanding the student’s vision for the Kingdom and God’s purposes
  • Deepening of commitment to the relationships built at the conference
  • Having fun experiences that deepen their connection with your ministry and the people there

Benefits for the Movement:

  • Builds unity in the group
  • Teaches ministry skills that will be helpful back on campus
  • Creates momentum for your movement’s ministry
  • Gives you as a leader a greater and unique platform from which to speak into student’s lives

Help your students set aside some time to invest in their relationship with God in this way. There is usually an overwhelming sense among students that upon returning from a conference it is one of the most impacting times they have spent on their relationship with God. Even years down the road, students point to these experiences as the most notable moments of spiritual growth in their lives. Check out these conferences with Cru!

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Below you’ll find a few videos that do just that. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check our YouTube channels at Cru High School and Gotothecampus. If we’ve got it, it’ll be there.

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