Campus Training
Video training that will prepare you to go to the campus and make an impact in the lives of teenagers.
1. Cru – Here to Help
In Cru, we believe that everyone is on a spiritual journey. No matter who you are, God has a next step for you and we
2. How to Meet Students and Build Relationships
Starting a conversation and a relationship with a student for the first time can feel awkward. But ultimately it’s an act of courage and love!
3. Finding Your Voice
God has shaped your story to give you a unique voice to share with the world. Let's learn how to find your voice.
4. Being an Adult in a Student World
It's important to build relationships with the teenagers you are working with, but you're not a kid, you're an adult. Let's talk about how
5. What It Looks Like To Go To The Campus
The high school campus can be a scary place if you feel like you don't belong. Here are some tips for going to the campus.
6. How to Follow Up With a Student
Every student is important. What do you do when you have a new student interested in your ministry?
7. Developing Student Leaders
If you want to set up your campus movement to win, start developing your student leaders early. Good student leaders will make or break your
8. Getting To The Gospel
We love having spiritual conversations with students. But when and how do you take it to the next level and talk about the gospel?