About Faculty Commons

The world desperately needs your God-given calling.

In Faculty Commons we understand the immense challenges you face as you seek to thrive and be an influencer in today’s academic world. We are here to help you find the community, encouragement, and resources you need. Come write your chapter in God’s grander story.

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Why Faculty?

Professors shape the thoughts, opinions and values of our future leaders and the entire world culture. Every undergraduate student sits under nearly 2,000 hours of their teaching. That’s why we have been serving faculty for over 40 years, connecting them together, giving them resources, and encouraging them to make a lasting difference in their communities, whether on campus, online, or around the world.


Get connected with other Christian professors: on your campus, in your region, or in your academic discipline.


Get encouragement from other Christian professors on how to live out your faith on your campus and in academia.


Find resources to explore Christianity, grow professionally and spiritually, mentor students, and much more.

“I used to be a professor who happened to be a Christian; now I’m a Christian who happens to be a professor.”

Walter Bradley, Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus, Baylor University.

See Where We Are

Healthy community is critical to developing Christ followers in the university and to bearing witness in the academy and around the world.
Connect and find a community near you or online.

The red locations are faculty groups; the blue locations are grad groups.

Get Involved


Healthy community is critical to developing Christ followers in the university, and to bear witness in the academy and around the world. Connect and find a community near you or online.

Attend a common call conference

Interact with other Christian professors, in person and virtually. Receive inspiration, encouragement, and discuss issues related to faith and the academic world.


Tell your story of how a personal relationship with Jesus has changed your life. Find other professors in your discipline and in your geographic region.

explore missions opportunities

God created the people and resources of the university to help meet the needs of the world and accomplish his purposes for the good of all. Investigate our opportunities to reach others beyond your borders. 

A Ministry of Cru

Faculty Commons is the professor and graduate student network of Cru, a global community that is passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. Launched in 1980, we are part of Cru’s US Campus Ministry. Professors and students across campuses in the US and globally work together to make Christ known on their campuses and throughout the world.

Faculty Commons strives for the day when: Every campus has a movement of Christian professors and graduate students who desire to make Christ known to their colleagues and students and throughout the world. Every student has the opportunity to interact with professors and grad students who follow Christ and point students and colleagues to Him. Every academic discipline has a movement of Christian scholars so Christian perspectives are heard throughout academia and the world.

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