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For more than 40 years, Faculty Commons has been serving faculty – connecting, resourcing, and encouraging them to make a lasting difference on campus and around the world. Interact with the tiles below to see what our professors have to say.

Jeff Hardin

"Christian professors possess a unique opportunity to bear witness to the risen Christ to generations of students, their colleagues, and a watching world. This prospect excited me as a PhD student, and still motivates me four decades later."

Jeff Hardin

Raymond E. Keller Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Susan Siaw

"Throughout my years as a Psychology professor, Faculty Commons provided encouragement and resources for campus ministry. Their conferences connected me with like-minded professors, both national and international. Their staff mentored me. Faculty Commons was the catalyst for many missional events on my campus."

Susan Siaw​

Professor Emeritus, Psychology, Cal Poly Pomona

Rachel Ma

"I love the community and connectedness I have found through Faculty Commons’ discipleship groups. God has patiently and mercifully transformed me through these personal interactions. Each day, I am more excited and hopeful to see how God will use me in His grander story."


Rachel Ma​

Assistant Professor of Graphic Communication, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Laurie Kubicek​

"Navigating the academy as a Christian is uniquely challenging, and it is so helpful to connect with other Christians both on my campus and also across the country. Faculty Commons staff help guide our faculty and staff ministry in important ways by sharing resources and best practices from other campuses. The idea that God will take what is done on one campus and multiply its impact at campuses across the country is so incredible."

Laurie Kubicek

Professor of Criminal Justice, Sacramento State University

John Chen

“Whether it’s to other faculty, grad students, or incoming freshmen, God has shown me that there are wonderful opportunities to connect with those who might be interested in the Christian faith. I can hardly imagine a grander calling than to serve Him there.”

John Chen

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Baylor University

Gbola Adesogan

"My primary calling in life is to be God’s ambassador on my campus, and to make His love known. My local Faculty Commons group supports this calling by fostering accountability and encouragement for Christian faculty through prayer meetings, discipleship groups, luncheons, and more. I am regularly inspired and challenged by this group of Christian professors."

Gbola Adesogan​

Professor of Animal Nutrition, University of Florida

Heather Holleman

"Faculty Commons continues to encourage, challenge, and support me to know Jesus and make Him known at Penn State — and to remind me I'm never alone.

I want to let God's love flow through me to bless my students and colleagues and to introduce them to the hope and belonging that comes through a life in Christ."

Heather Holleman​

Associate Teaching Professor, Department of English, The Pennsylvania State University

Tiffany Washington

“I never thought my academic professional development would include conversations about Christ-led teaching and research. It’s great to connect with other believers through Faculty Commons.”

Tiffany Washington

Associate Professor, School of Social Work, University of Georgia

Zachary P. Smith

"I have been blessed by meeting with other Christians in the workplace for fellowship, prayer, and study. Faculty Commons has been instrumental in building this community, and in doing so, they bless not only professors, but the academic institutions they serve."

Zachary Smith

Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT

Dusty Wilson

"If God is who He says He is, then following Him should impact every aspect of my life–including my work as a Math professor at a community college. While there are surprisingly many Christians on my campus, it’s Faculty Commons who has taught me how to integrate my faith with my work."

Dusty Wilson

Mathematics Faculty, Highline College

Kelly Atkins

"Ultimately, my legacy will depend more on the people I impact than on my academic accolades or the length of my resume. I’m thankful for the Christian encouragement and support I find in our Faculty Commons community. I constantly invite colleagues to join us!"


Kelly Atkins

Associate Professor of Marketing, East Tennessee State University

David Mustard

"As Christian professors, we impact people's lives in many ways. We are investing in people, and even if we don't see the results, God is still at work."

David Mustard

Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Economics, University of Georgia

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