Why Faculty?

Today’s professors are building the leaders of the next generation.

“If I could start Campus Crusade for Christ [Cru] over again, I would begin by working with professors.”

William R. Bright (1921-2003) | Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ [Cru]

Today’s students are struggling: record rates of depression, mental illness, loneliness, and spiritual disconnection. Sadly, they are more likely to commit suicide than the generation before them. These students, referred to as Generation Z, are also twice as likely to identify as atheist compared to the general population.

Add to this the influence of professors. At elite universities, many of them are non-religious and some are even hostile to Christianity. But there are Christian professors who want to be a light on campus for Jesus. As Christ-followers, they are looking for ways to do so that are ethical, legal, appropriate, and winsome. We can help.


The Influence of Academia

Leverage. The power of professors is why faculty ministry is imperative. Professors have a strategic platform to influence minds and hearts.

Gratitude from students to their profs:

“It is hard to stay strong in your faith when the riptide of the world is so strong; it was people like you who kept me grounded. I was told that you pray over your students. This brought me so much encouragement–beyond what I can express….It meant so much to me to be encouraged in my faith by a professor.”



FC Diagram-2023-F (grad & undergrad)

Be Part of a Grander Story

Discuss with other professors your high calling as Christ-followers in the academy through our book A Grander Story.

“Read this book to be uplifted, to find your place in God’s grand story, to know you are not alone, to integrate your faith and work, and to be equipped for ministry.”

– Charles M. C. Lee, Moghadam Family Professor of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Get Involved


We’d like to meet you! Connect with a Faculty Commons group on your campus in the U.S. and worldwide. We can help you write your chapter in God’s grander story.


You are not alone! Find other faculty in your region, in your discipline, or at your university who are seeking to follow Christ in the secular environment of academia.